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ECN might not be the best place for people who prefer trading in micro-lots. Fortunately, there is a growing number of ECN brokers that allow micro lot sizes. The standard account size in the Forex world is a micro lot (0.01 of a slot). ECN Forex brokers, however, require higher deposit amounts with some insisting on one mini lot . The Forex brokers world has experienced in the past few years a surge in the growth of a new pure breed of brokers called ECN brokers.

forex ecn brokers reviews

ECN Forex brokers have the best trading conditions that clearly provide an edge to the traders without any risk of broker or dealer intervention. ECN accounts have no conflict of interest, are cheaper due to the spreads, and have high liquidity for all categories of traders. ECN Forex brokers also offer several ECN account features that allow traders to take complete advantage of the markets. No Fixed TP/SL – One of the main allures of market maker brokers is the ability to trade using fixed trading conditions such as guaranteed take profit and stop loss.

Regulations that ensure deposit safety

ECN and STP brokers are both examples of No Dealing Desk brokers. Essentially, they are not Market Makers and do not provide liquidity to their traders. Market Maker brokers make money on the spread at either end of the trade and whatever profits they earn during the trade. Commissions vary depending on account types and depend on initial trading capital. We ranked ECN Brokers based on the most important factors such as fees, security, execution, regulation, platforms, tools, and more. With its popularity and a trend of ECN trading there are many brokers stating its Broker ECN Forex status.

forex ecn brokers reviews

Dealing desk brokers are also known as market makers because they create the market. They always stick to the complementing side of a trade by buying from traders who are selling and selling to traders who wish to purchase. Hence these brokers can manipulate the costs to meet their interests. Selecting the most suitable ECN broker out of the several options can be an uphill task even for experts. The fact that some traditional brokers also provide ECN-type of accounts besides other trading accounts complicates matters further.

Key features of the best ECN brokers

There exist over 100 known legitimate ECN Forex brokers in the industry today. The procedure for choosing the best among these is similar to selecting any traditional broker. This is because their target market is more sophisticated than that of market-making brokers. Consequently, some of the best ECN Forex brokers have poor advertisement services.

forex ecn brokers reviews

One of the reasons ECN brokers are becoming so popular with day traders is that they allow traders to use the scalping strategy. This term has earned an unfair association with people selling concert tickets at massively inflated prices. Still, it is a perfectly legal and ethical trading strategy that many traders use to maximize profits. Because scalping is carried out in minutes or sometimes even seconds, Dealing Desk brokers tend to disallow this strategy. ECN accounts can execute trades at the fastest execution speeds and facilitate scalping without much issue.

ECN means trading without conflict of interest – No dealing desk

If they match what you are seeking, that ECN broker deserves a place on your shortlist. ECN brokers are non-dealing desk brokers offering right spreads, 24/7 trading hours, immediate execution, and fixed commissions. For example, the broker FXCM offers a non-ECN “standard account”.

forex ecn brokers reviews

However, trades may be susceptible to instant price fluctuations, which can lead to slippages, and in other cases, partial order fills. The ever-rising risks involved in trading with dealing desk brokers forced traders into exploring alternative options in the market that did not have any conflict of interest. Therefore, ECN Forex trading began to take root in the market, which basically provided a conflict-free trading environment that allowed traders to access the market liquidity through a global liquidity pool. There are four live trading accounts offered by ECN.Broker, apart from demo accounts, namely ECN Mini, ECN Fix, ECN and RAMM. The RAMM account is specially set for copying trades of successful traders.

What is the difference between STP and ECN?

STP and DMA brokers can choose to add mark-up to price quotes and/or charge commission. The market execution of a trade through an ECN platform is much faster because you are directly connected to the other party via the ECN rather than having to go through an intermediary. If you want to use MetaTrader 4 to trade currencies, make sure the brokerage you choose supports the platform!

  • A regulated broker will have sufficient capital to cover any trading losses.
  • Often, market makers have been accused of fixing the prices to their benefit or adjusting the prices of forex pairs in order to increase their profits, but going for an ECN broker takes care of all that.
  • Forex — the foreign exchange market is the biggest and the most liquid financial market in the world.
  • Interestingly, the platform allows you to get started with a minimum deposit of just $50.
  • Such a rise in popularity led to the creation of market maker Forex brokers that allowed its clients to speculate on the volatility of the currency markets.
  • I trade the major Forex pairs, some Futures contracts, and I rely entirely on Technical Analysis to place my trades.

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ECN BROKER Minimum Deposit

The broker’s website lists multiple ways that clients can contact, including online chat and live phone support, from 10 a.m. FAQs and website client support were satisfactory, but repeated attempts to contact via “live chat” proved to be unsuccessful. Social media support is not available, although they do have social media accounts where they post market analysis and company information. In terms of other fees, accounts with no trading activity for more than 12 months are subject to a $15/month inactivity fee. The website does not list additional fees for deposits or withdrawals. All trading related information on the Dukascopy website is not intended to solicit residents of Belgium, Israel, Russian Federation, Canada (including Québec) and the UK.

Minimum deposit

Investing in or trading financial instruments, commodities, or other assets carries a high degree of risk. You should only in trading or investing if you are fully aware of the potential risk of loosing all your deposited money. Sometimes STP brokers absorb some or all of the liquidity from a trader’s position without passing it on to the interbank market. The broker cannot manipulate prices since the information is disseminated widely. Price and market manipulation is among the largest concerns many casual traders have about their brokers.

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