Building a Microservice Architecture with Node js: Part 1 Exploring the Foundations by Chamara Senarath May, 2023

AngularJS was created by Google’s engineers Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons in 2010 and named AngularJS . AngularJS achieved widespread acclaim and was poised to reign supreme, but the emergence of React pushed it into oblivion, exposing its grave shortcomings. As a result, AngularJS went through a complete and total rewrite from the ground up, and Angular 2 was released in its place in 2016. After seeing all of the aforementioned benefits, it would be callous to suggest that no firm will adopt the technology to construct the next business application. Node.Js is the next big thing in technology, allowing you to create world-class apps on the fly. It’s tough to overlook the plethora of benefits that the nascent node.js offers.

news feed scalability javascript

There’s a move to regulate cloud providers by vertically separating the services they offer. A timer can be used to constantly update the timestamps if they are recent such that any significant time that has passed will be reflected correctly. For a news feed, optimistic updates can be node.js company applied for reaction interactions by immediately showing the user’s reaction and an updated total count of the reactions. There’s no need for the client to load component JavaScript code for all the possible post formats upfront, reducing the initial JavaScript needed on the page.

Top 5 JavaScript Frameworks in 2022

Next, include the following module in your Node.js application to get started. NCache has a variety of Client-Side features specially made for you. Node.js can be used with those features alongside their APIs and other methods. In this blog, I’ll discuss some of the features along with their implementation for a better understanding of caching data with Node.js. Node doesn’t support the conventional browser DOM, although additional APIs are accessible at

news feed scalability javascript

A collection of the best parts of the majority of frameworks. Very flexible, as well as facilitates a two-way communication, with a virtual DOM as well. You might see the Vue library as a combination of React and Angular, and somehow it’s true. Layouts and logic, together with stylesheets are stored in a file. It also utilizes props objects and states, the same as React. Modules – used in creating a particular set of instructions.

Choosing the Right Framework for your Project?

Because of the lucrative results, it has generated, the software platform based on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine has become a favorite among developers and businesses for mobility solutions. Developing agile and high-performance applications requires a great deal of expertise. Coding with NodeJS and using suitable backend service looks like a high starting point. Developers need these components to develop applications that run flawlessly, do not produce any issues, and require less maintenance. Ant Design, known as AntD, is the second most popular React-based framework used to build enterprise applications.

  • Credits to the Virtual DOM and special reconciliation algorithm, front-end gets a considerable boost.
  • Total.js – written in pure JavaScript, the framework is quick and requires little to no support in application development.
  • There isn’t a defined structured way of doing things to guide beginners.
  • It supports end-to-end, functional, API, and regression testing.
  • Traditional JavaScript frameworks that rendered content dynamically were notorious for their poor SEO performance and incompatibility with search engine crawlers.

Playwright, a Node.js library created by Microsoft, is considered one of the best JavaScript frameworks for testing. It automates Chromium, Firefox, and WebKit with a single API. Developers building JavaScript code can use these APIs to build new browser pages, go to URLs, and interact with page elements. Additionally, Playwright can automate Microsoft Edge since it is based on the free and open-source Chromium web framework. Provides updates to the clients or users without reloading the website, enabling a more fluid and dynamic user experience. Meteor.js is a wonderful option for creating real-time web and mobile applications since real-time data updates are built into its core.

Next-Gen App & Browser Testing Cloud

I exist as a set of algorithms and data that enable me to process natural language input and generate responses based on that input. I am designed to be run on a variety of different hardware and software platforms, including mobile devices, desktop computers, and cloud-based servers. News feed posts can come in many different formats and require specialized rendering code but not all users will see all of them. One way to achieve this is to have the client load the component JavaScript code for all possible formats upfront so that any kind of feed post format can be rendered.

Credits to the Virtual DOM and special reconciliation algorithm, front-end gets a considerable boost. Changes could be done by developers in real-time, without having to update the View each time. There are so many JavaScript frameworks and libraries to choose from on the web. Among the most popular however include React, Angular, Ember, Meteor, and Vue.


It supports end-to-end, functional, API, and regression testing. GitHub – 47.3k+ Stars, 2.3k+ Forks, 368+ Contributors as of January 2023, which is 3x more than Jasmine, which has been in the market for a very long time. Developers must utilize outside tools to determine how much of their code is tested because Jasmine does not offer coverage information.

news feed scalability javascript

Gatsby is a modern, flexible React and GraphQl-based Static Site Generator used to build high-performance, SEO-friendly static websites. SEO friendly – Traditional Client side rendered apps have poor SEO performance. Search engine crawlers face difficulties in indexing such pages.

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Ember.js was originally a SproutCore 2.0 framework that was renamed Ember.js by its creator Yehuda Katz, an accomplished developer credited as one of the chief creators of jQuery. One of the most adored and key features of Ember is the Ember Command-line interface tool, which is a productivity powerhouse. Such features make it one of the best JavaScript frameworks. Read our complete article on Vue.js testing, and upskill your knowledge to test Vue.js applications. Vue.js has been placed at #3 in the list of best JavaScript frameworks for front end in the State of JS 2022 survey by developers.

news feed scalability javascript

One of the key reasons behind JavaScript’s wild success and its ascend to the throne of the world’s most popular programming language is its versatility. Not only can JavaScript be used for client-side front-end development but server-side back-end development, thanks to Node.js. 6) Because database queries are written in JavaScript and stored data is in JSON format, Node.js is the finest platform for developing real-time web applications. This eliminates the need to exchange data and the risk of mismatches due to conversions.

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